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Welcome to the home of Keepers of Lost Tales
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Useful information about the kinship - This thread will be updated according to things changing. Both existing and new members may find this useful.

Short about us

Keepers of Lost Tales is a small kinship on the Snowbourn server, where humour and good ambiance is equally important as our ability to raid.

We try to remain a small kinship with about 20 active people. This means we all know each other very well, the social aspect of the game is really important for us. We also do occasionally real life events to support this idea even though we are scattered across Europe. The latest event was held in Denmark.

We are at the same time very dedicated and able to raid at the highest level with successful top tier raids every week and the occasional fun raid. The first big challenge for our kinship was Barad Guldur and the Lieutenant where we managed to be server first. We again proved our raiding abilities with server first in Ost Dunhoth over a year later. And we are currently working on Tower of Orthanc, where we also progress at the top level of raiding.

If you wish to become a member in our kinship, you will need a level 75 character and a solid game experience. We expect you to know your main character well, and your role in different situations.

However your personality and will to take part in our small community is equally important. Raiding is to us as much of a challenge and way to spend time together as the items we receive along the way.


We don't run the kinship by rules. We expect people here know how to behave. Be it to members in the kinship or others in Middle-Earth.


Brithrandir, Ithilgorien and Roili are officers. All officers are equal and we decide in democratic manner within the officer group.

Members are more than welcome to show their opinions and good ideas, but it is the officer group who makes the decisions. Do not expect to be included.

Specific roles

All the officers is responsible for recruiting. Interested players can be directed to any officer. And they will make sure to follow up on everyone who is interested.

Raid Leaders

All the 3 officers along with Meliane is responsible for planning our raids. We will make sure to make people come for raids, are prepared, and along with the rest of the kinship strive to always get better!
In charge of updating our DKP is Tovita and Wenzelino.


We do not strive to be a big kinship. We want a small kinship with a good social player base without compromising raiding. We do not have an age limitation, but are only interested in mature players.

This means that we will rarely open for recruitment and we do not advertise in public. The best idea is to contact an officer and hear the situation out.

Before a new player is invited we will make a 24 hour notice on the website. Members are then able to speak if they are really unsatisfied with our decision.

Accepted applicants will be on trial for two weeks. We will in this time observe the player and within the officer group decide if the player is suitable for our kinship.

Ventrilo, website, etc.

The kinship have some expenses for Ventrilo and homepage. The officers have the responsibility to provide the homepage and Ventrilo. However we would like our members to take part with the amount they feel is right. This is in no way required to be a member in the kinship.

We use Ventrilo also during simple instances. We would be pleased to see that you made it a habit to log onto Ventrilo every time you are about to do an instance. This way we can take amusement to a whole other level! Even when doing simple boring deeds or other solo stuff. Then login and have some fun.

Ventrilo is required for raids!


We want to stay at about 20 active members all the time and with the pace of content more and more decides to take a break. In order to keep the kinship active, we recruit new members.

If a member has been inactive in-game a month, he/she will automatically be considered 'inactive' and put on 'member on break' status. Members on a break will after another month of inactivity receive a PM and then removed as a kinship member. If the person later on wishes to come back to LoTRO a new application would be required.

If a member has a special reason to be inactive a certain time or shows commitment to the game and kinship other agreements can and will be made. That is your responsibility to show the officers that.

Last updated 15-04-2012