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Lieutenant of Barad Guldur HM [6-man]

Calanthe / Feb 21, 2011
Originally posted 26/01 - 2011

We have been thinking about trying 6-man for a while. With the 1 year anniversary of our first kill in hard mode coming up, we decided it was time. 12 men went for the first two bosses and then divided into two groups. We learned a lot but failed. It was challenge getting the class setup right but the event was successful even though we didn't kill him at first.

A little over a week after our first try and some spontaneous runs in between we managed to get the kill only 6 men (5 ladies on the picture) on the 26. January 2011.

Check out our Youtube Video!

It was a really fun challenge even though the trash was very boring - Those lights! Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen.


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