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1 Year Anniversary

Calanthe / Feb 21, 2011
Originally posted 06/08 - 2010

Keepers of Lost Tales were founded 5. August 2009. That means we just made our first year as a kinship which we are very proud of.

It was celebrated with an event hosted by our event master Brithrandir. Everyone was handed some beer and pipe weed to get the party started. This was followed by a casual game of Tag Beacon – Freeze! Suddenly our event master was missing carrying all our gold for a lottery later on the evening. He was hiding in Bree and everyone was told to go look for him – Thank god Donard found him.

Roili got missing right before the lottery event. The fat dwarf went to Thorins Hall – He needed a refill because he was out of beer. Kamper found him drunk in one of the forges. He was too drunk to feel anything.

The lottery started and Carabel hit the jackpot as the winner. We finished with a concert in Ost Galadh with a lot of fun, great music and an awesome crowd. What a way to celebrate the anniversary!


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