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2 Year Anniversary

Calanthe / Aug 17, 2011
5. August 2009 - Two years gone and we are still here and it's amazing! Many of the same people are still here and new friends have joined us later on. We still keep in touch with few that are not playing any more, just because we can't help it.

We couldn't celebrate the anniversary in-game on the exact date due to the real life event but doing it face to face must be just as good!

When everyone returned home we fired up our computers for a night of fun. We started with a fashion competition. Capper turned up in his classic red "suit" and was rewarded as winner.

We then went to play some "Tag Beacon" and "Hide and Seek" in Bree. You think hobbits are small but the hobbit hiding was not really good at it! From Bree the horse race started. The scary and long road to Rivendell was set - The competition was hard but once again Capper was announced as winner even though Avalina was first across the line. Epic Confusion!?

We went for the 21st Hall to end a great evening with some loud and noisy pirate music. See you all next year!


I won the race dammit!)
There I fixed it.. I'm still as confused as when the winner was announced :)
Hehe) No problem, i just wanted to see the truth:P
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