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Calanthe / Oct 22, 2011
We have been used to write server first on these kind of post. This time we will try something different. Okay, it's not server last but it's good humour.

Draigoch has been killed!

We are now ready to face a real raid instance with the commitment that is expected from us. Bring it on please!
Calanthe / Aug 17, 2011
5. August 2009 - Two years gone and we are still here and it's amazing! Many of the same people are still here and new friends have joined us later on. We still keep in touch with few that are not playing any more, just because we can't help it.

We couldn't celebrate the anniversary in-game on the exact date due to the real life event but doing it face to face must be just as good!

When everyone returned home we fired up our computers for a night of fun. We started with a fashion competition. Capper turned up in his classic red "suit" and was rewarded as winner.

We then went to play some "Tag Beacon" and "Hide and Seek" in Bree. You think hobbits are small but the hobbit hiding was not really good at it! From Bree the horse race started. The scary and long road to Rivendell was set - The competition was hard but once again Capper was announced as winner even though Avalina was first across the line. Epic Confusion!?

We went for the 21st Hall to end a great evening with some loud and noisy pirate music. See you all next year!
Calanthe / Aug 17, 2011
Keepers of Lost Tales joined each other in real life for a fourth event in August 2011. This time everyone raided Capper's house for a weekend of fun in Denmark - Funny enough on the same date the kinship turned 2 years!

A total of 12 kinship members joined in and contributed to a experience few will ever forget. It started out Friday with everyone arriving, eating, drinking and Rock Band blasting through the speakers.

Saturday we went for swimming in the pool and some mini golf. Rollo knew how to swing a club and was later announced as champion. Well deserved!

We went home, fired up the grill and prepared some food. Oh boy was everyone tired after a great meal. If eating was a competition Diko must have been the winner. Dude he can eat!

Everyone gathered their strength and a night of fun games could begin. The party lasted till early morning but then Monne thought otherwise: "The party must never ever end"! Thanks for an amazing weekend yet again!
Calanthe / May 01, 2011
Keepers of Lost Tales are proud to present yet another server first. On 30. April 2011 we killed Gortheron including challenge. Ost Dunhoth is now cleared with all challenge modes acquired.

Congratulations to everyone in the kinship for making this possible. You have all earned it.

Everyone were awarded with the title "Challenger of Gortheron" and a few even acquired a new horse - It's ugly though. The housing trophy can be seen at our kinship house at 5 Long Street, Harrowham, Bree-land Homesteads.

Videos will come up of all the challenge modes when they are filmed. The camera man turned blind on the Gortheron fight because of a bug and the screen turning black. So you will have to wait a little longer for that.
Calanthe / Feb 21, 2011
Originally posted 26/01 - 2011

We have been thinking about trying 6-man for a while. With the 1 year anniversary of our first kill in hard mode coming up, we decided it was time. 12 men went for the first two bosses and then divided into two groups. We learned a lot but failed. It was challenge getting the class setup right but the event was successful even though we didn't kill him at first.

A little over a week after our first try and some spontaneous runs in between we managed to get the kill only 6 men (5 ladies on the picture) on the 26. January 2011.

Check out our Youtube Video!

It was a really fun challenge even though the trash was very boring - Those lights! Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen.
Calanthe / Feb 21, 2011
Originally posted 01/12 - 2010

Keepers of Lost Tales take the social aspect of the game very seriously. We have all met new friends trough the game and the occasional real life events are a great way to maintain and develop these friendships. Tovita hosted the 3rd "KoLT Real Life Event" were 11 people showed up in November 2010.

Many events made this weekend a trip to remember. It started of with Mondrup getting stuck in the ditch with his car in total darkness. We all had to pull it up the next morning. Good food, games and each others company also contributed to this great weekend. We thank Tove for sharing her awesome summer house.

It's sad not everyone could make it. But some have already joined the two first events. Both held in Denmark at Carabels being the first place and Arebels the second. We already look forward to the next one!
Calanthe / Feb 21, 2011
Originally posted 06/08 - 2010

Keepers of Lost Tales were founded 5. August 2009. That means we just made our first year as a kinship which we are very proud of.

It was celebrated with an event hosted by our event master Brithrandir. Everyone was handed some beer and pipe weed to get the party started. This was followed by a casual game of Tag Beacon – Freeze! Suddenly our event master was missing carrying all our gold for a lottery later on the evening. He was hiding in Bree and everyone was told to go look for him – Thank god Donard found him.

Roili got missing right before the lottery event. The fat dwarf went to Thorins Hall – He needed a refill because he was out of beer. Kamper found him drunk in one of the forges. He was too drunk to feel anything.

The lottery started and Carabel hit the jackpot as the winner. We finished with a concert in Ost Galadh with a lot of fun, great music and an awesome crowd. What a way to celebrate the anniversary!